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the money as taxable u.s. income. >> a lot of the money is not. it's a lot of times the company chooses u.s. investments and things like that. >> those are just some of the ways companies defer payments indefinitely. five company as kted for more than two thirds of the $225 billion in accumulated foreign earnings last year. top u.s. tax rate is 35% but a review of the last three years of financial records found that some silicon valley companies are paying lower global tax rates. apple reported $40.4 million -- billion in holdings overseas. ebay, $10 billion overseas, google, $24.8 billion reported. yahoo had $3.2 billion overseas. and cisco which reported $41.3 billion overseas had anmk;va effective tax rate of 14%. those that did said they're following the law. economists estimate the federal government loses $90 billion a year enough to fund california public schools and universities more than two years. or cover 206 days of military operations in afghanistan and iraq. this isn't the first time multi national companies have been the target of criticism for sheltering money oversea autos
and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful pam am three people have been killed in a helicopter crash near los angeles. the cropper crashed around 4:00 thing morning just outside of the angeles national forest. everyone on board tied. the chopper was being used on a shoot for a military related reality tv show. the circumstances are unknown. >>> the army national guard, state military reserve and fremont emergency responders got in some practice time today. they simulated a dam failure. crews prepared in fremont to protect you. >> when a natural disaster strikes... [screaming] >> and panic sets in, time is precious. that's why hundreds of first responders went through this six hour drill, operation rolling chaos, streamlining their response to protect our community. >> muscle memory. when you're in a trauma situation, you want i
estimates 18% of all steaks and roasts in the u.s. are tenderized including meat sold in stores but according to one trade group that 18% is a lowest mitt. the north american meat association says they surveyed just one part of the market. hot yet trade and found 80% to 90% of the beef there is mechanically tenderized. and say sez the industry won't commit without a right after this tok study. >> we're not trod say whether or not anything different would be done. >> there have been recalled neat was tenderized and in cases marinated here in the u.s.. data from american meet institute lists six recalls. during the latest, at least 21 people got sick in 16 states including california z that is the bottom line for whistle blower groups like food integrity campaign. >> it's been associated with illness. still arks apparently not enough illness to justify a simple label. a simple label. so consumers can make informed decisions about what they eat. >> it's been almost a year since sending the propose yl to the white house. both sides say they're gearing up. now, your best bet is to co
-- interesting guy. >> coming up a follow up from the abc 7 news i team. >> u.s. soldier, bro. >> i know. >> know who you're talking to are you getting in my face? >> i know who i'm talking to. you're down. do you understand that? >> a con -- confrontation with a police officer. showing a video to a local watch dog group. >> a woman puts jewels in a safe deposit box and three safe deposit box and three years later they're gone.ys of g to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >>> tonight a plos watch dog group is responding to an investigation that uncovered a new complaint of excess tiff force against vallejo police. >> we have that tip line. the i team receives calls from people complaining about mistreat
head here tonight end of weekend mail delivery to home. our dire the situation is at the u.s. postal service. >> microsoft gives a sneak peek at pricey new tab blet. tonight, tablet wars. will the surface pro rise to the top? >>> it looks like a 150-year-old tradition is coming to an end. u.s. postal service announced it will no longer deliver first class mail on saturdays. >> did you know until 1958 the postal service delivered pail twice per day. now, saturday delivery could come to an end. a severe money crunch threat dwrond do what neither rain nor sleet is ever supposed to. stopping you from getting mail saturday. >> what i need delivered on saturday, i need it since 2006 wreef noticed a decline in first class mail. more people are transitioning to online. and that has been reflected in the bottom line. >> the postal service says it lost nearly $16 billion last year aknown. much to health care payments for future retirees. usps has made other moves over the years. officials have conkol sol dated 200 senters nationwide including one input peta luma. eliminating routes reduced hou
but we found interesting is the u.s. navy did say he used as he still has a badge and used to it get into the navy base yesterday they have a record of him going in but zront a record of him leaving so now they'rew wr searching that area. as a precaution. >> thank you. >> if anything breaks we'll update you immediately. you can follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area for late breaking developments in this story. >> still ahead tonight on abc 7 news what customs agents found when searching three cars at the port of oakland someone trying to export ammo. >> a surge in smart phone thefts and what might be the best weapon. >> there san asteroid headed our way. this could do a lot of damage if it hkh8s the either a 7th grader sent her hello kitty doll into space. why and where it wound >>> federal agents with the department of u.s. customs and border protection have seized 2300 rounds of ammunition from a port of oakland bound for monday goala. nick smith intok a team leading this investigation and live now at port with the latest for us. nick? >> get this. agents found ammunition us
. the most-decorated u.s. navy s.e.a.l. in u.s. history. >> this is not just a harmless bragging from a bar stool. he has been able to convince many people he's a navy s.e.a.l. and not just any navy s.e.a.l.. >> he he was the one that shot osama bin laden. >> despite the claim he has been able to get hundreds of thousands of dollars from people based on this phony story of being a navy s.e.a.l.. i tracked him to layout the case against this imposter. that is tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> what a tale. >> there is much more still to come tonight at 6:00. local sheriff makes new pitch to put drones into the air. what be your right to privacy from these eyes in the skies? >> a new wrinkle tolgídt the scandal inside of the state parks system. they had millions and had known bit for years. >> coming up a new way to protect our children. >>> they have potential to save lives, stop crime and bring home missing people but they're also one of the most controversial tools in law enforcement. abc 7 news takes you to alameda county where small aircraft are a topic of a hot debate. >> a life size m
he calls biggest public health issue facing the u.s. today. >> thank you very much. >> authorities looking for a man who pulled a string of bank roob riz. the sheriff's department released these photos today of a muscular white male wanted for five bank holdups in the past weeks. >> a public funeral service took place for a 13-year-old girl found dmaed a fairfield park. she was buried just hours after the man suspected of killing her appeared in the solano county court house, anthony lamar jones pleaded not guilty to murder, also charged with kidnapping lewd act was a child and rape. the victim was laid to rest in a cemetery in benicia. laura anthony attended the service. >> it's a lot of sadness but it's a home coming. she gets to go home now. >> while still coming to grips with how she died, friends and family of the 13-year-old spent this day celebrating the way she lived. >> she's a sweet young lady. you would never know she had a sad bone in her body. when he knew her, she always smiled and laughed. >> she was full of energy. wanted everyone to be happy. >> candice tells us he
. >> this is being done in berkeley fashion. if you can see behind me a man dressed as a founder of the u.s. postal service right now. the u.s. postal service lost $16 billion this month, announcing the end of saturday mail service cutting 150,000 jobs and closing thousands of post offices around the country. the city believes it will be one of them. the council will vote on a resolution to stop the postal service from selling> the building. the resolution reminds the requirement to provide services to the public calling on them to stop the sale of other post offices but the postal service says the pub slick overreacting. attempting to sell the building first preference is lease back the space because we just need that space. the building about 47,000 square feet. >> what l building it occupies, the meeting tonight is designed to clear up any misinformation about the postal office and it starts at 7:00 right here at the capitol chambers just to explain how bad the situation is they're launching a line of clothing next year, clearly a dire situation for them. >> thank you very much. >> we're live
offices there is more of this than anywhere eels just this week, homeland security and u.s. customs say they confiscated $300,000 worth of unlicensed merchandise in san francisco. nationwide, $13 million in fake merchandise has been in china. >> these are selling from 15ses today $30. kit go for as much as 100s oodz is this licensed merchandise? >> yes. >> it is? >> can you show us?. >> what is that? >> it's a camera off me, please. >> this man we confronted on market street said he makes about 5s forwards every shirt he sell autos how are you able to break even? >> someone on the streets offered i said hey, why not. it's a chance to make money, do you know what i mean? i'm not robbing and stealing stuff. >> the merchandise store says it's not the street hustlers putting a dent in profits it's the pirate internet sites. part of the sting, six sites have been shut down, authorities say they keep popping up. a friend saw a jersey with jerry rice with a super bowl patch 47 on it. and we're -- it's not available out there. >> that is because rice isn't playing in super bowl 47. authorities
equipment makers targets as well. we're buying less gasoline but paying more for it. u.s. energy department says we spend $2900 a year on gas. that is 4% of our income. >> san francisco woman tells 7 on your side her gas range runs so hot she's afraid knobs on the stove could burn her. >>. >> this is interesting and odd. we couldn't find anyone who heard of this happening. but this woman insists that this is a stove that is too hot to handle. she pops her meat balls into the oven. nothing unusual except for what happens next. >> when i started to bake, the knobs started getting hot. >> even hotter when bakes and cooks at the same time. >> it's dangerous. especially for my son. he likes to cook. i won't let him near the stove. >> she says shaez to use a towel to protect her hand. the unit is made by electroluxe. the company sent out teches to her home, six times. >> the techs telling me that the oven releases its heat through these slates here. and they come up and hit the knobs. >> each time they told her the stove doesn't get hot enough to be of a danger to she called 7 on your side. we us
irvine police and u.s. marshals wrapped up a four-hour search of dorner's mother's home and took 15 with bags of evidence. authorities say dorner used to live at that home and his mother and sister cooperated with their search. >> keira. thank you. >> unbelievable story. if anything breaks during on this story during this newscast we'll bring it to you right away. >> still ahead here tonight big winter storm crippling northeast leaving hundreds of travelers stranded here in the bay area. >> we're going to have cold weather overnight. éive you a look in my accu-weather forecast. >> and tim lincecum, a new look, >>> a steak house will reopen after a noro virus outbreak caused it to close. this after customers complained about getting sick. turns out one restaurant employee tested positive for noro virus. employees underwent food safety training and inspectors checked out the restaurant again. >> as you've seen in our coverage of the lapd manhunt it's been snowing in mountains of southern california. interstate 5 is closed right now. no word on when it will reopen. in the meantime, th
dicken never served a day in any branch of the u.s. military. the biggest lie yet came when he tried to confront dicken face-to-face. >> he actually shot osama bin laden. >> you bought that? >> no. that, i knew this was a charade at this point there is no question about it. >> i need to talk to you about your navy s.e.a.l. background. >> i zront a navy s.e.a.l. background. >> you told people that didn't you?. >> no. i did not. >> i tracked him down he won't stop long enough to look at the dossier i'd compiled on him, phony facebook postings, e mails, face discharge papers, the contract signed guaranteeing he's a navy s.e.a.l. you have a line of people claiming you scammed them out of a lot of money. >> no. >> next target, carson city nevada airport. the airport commission thanked him for service and granted use of a hangar. >> again based on skills he recorded promotional videos and started to run weapons training attracting bigger fish, surgeons took lessons hoping to improve hunting skills. >> i just asked what is your back grund. he said, i'm exnavy s.e.a.l.. i went into cia after
saturday. u.s. coast guard is looking into what caused that flash. >> well, one new development is that we've learned today that that victim, fatality died the same afternoon within an hour, hour and a half of the accident on saturday he was a 68-year-old oregon resident here in san francisco teaching real estate appraisal courses for his employer. he spent his flif southern california only recently moved to oregon to be closer to family. 58-year-old was on board this 22 foot power boat whit crashed into golden gate ferry ms san francisco. it happened when the ferry was on route with 500 passengers on board. a surgeon and nurse jumped to help him and another injured victim. the victims were flown to the hospital. the coast guard says he died atj"ádÑ 5:20 this evening. frightened when coming too close to a bigger ship. >> i won't say it happens often but potential is there. all of the time. >> the ferry grew given drug tests and have returned to work. the captain is on leave. the fer yes was inspected by the coast guard and back at work on the same route, today, richard sailed out of the
-raiser in the u.s.. the university of california system raised $1.5 billion. >> yahoo is hoping renovation of the home page will get people to visit more and stay lnger when they do. they have developed new formulas to for topics that apple to more people. new concerns the federal reserve might curtail its economic stimulus plan drove the dow a loss. home builders broke ground on fewer homes but construction permits reached a high indicating housing recovery is on track. >> an invading army of chinese antiques arrived in san francisco. the long-awaited terra cotta warers exhibit dating back to 200 bc made during the reign of the first emperor. 8,000 exist. >> first was to transfer the material kingdom in this world to the next. we cannot bring the real thing with him, he created images to bring with him. >> each is different and each represents a mem of the army. new discoveries are also on display. it opens on friday and runs until late you may. >> cool. >> let's check on the forecast. >> yes. emperor of weather. >> yes. thank you. a different$kvzÑ picture from oe we've seen last n
no longer be secretary of state but madeline albright has a lot to say about u.s. foreign policy. especially iran's nuclear ambitions. she defends iran's right to conduct research but not to develop weapons. >> they're not revealing everything. >> al brite says economic sanctions against iran are working. >> and must be an interesting conversation. >> fascinatingÒx and nice and funny. >> yes. >> coming up shelter from the pain. >> 8-year-old on suicide watch. >> we're going to look into a >>> every day thousands of children across this country are exposed to violence. for many there is too little being done to prevent it there. is a program with 60 years experience in stopping the cycle of violence from being passed on from one generation to the next. >> i know the neighborhood has challenges. >> yes. >> growing up in parts of east oakland can be scary. >> after the shooting started happening i have to go look for my brother autos i thought it was a beautiful place. >> kids growing up here see things that most of us only hear about on the news. >> we're not seeing one event but lots of chro
it or not it takes about 10 years to get that information. >> bruce is a toxicologist with u.s. epa. he says it takes time to set standards and points out more tests need to be done. also believes there is no cause to worry. >> i don't think we have any, or there would only be a few folk that's owe would be at risk at this point. >> in july, 2011 the athe public health goal at 0.02 points per billion. according to the web site, the public health goal means for every million people who drank that level daily for 70 years one person would get cancer. brokavich says it is enough to use it as a standard. >> they didn't set a public health goal that low unless something above that could jeopardize public health and welfare. >> much of the research has been done in glendale where levels are high. don's team has been successful in gegt it done to one part per billion pointing out interest there is no perfect ses to -- process to get it down to the health goal. our tests in livermore they're also running tests we found none at this park. and that is almost 25 times higher than public health goal. the numbers
results on the u.s. economy. so she clearly, even though congress is in recess until monday, putting a great deal on congressional republicans for when they return to washington to get a deal done as soon as possible. >> carolyn: sequestration the major topic, is that what you plan to speak with the president tomorrow? >> reporter: no doubt, i will ask him about sequestration and it affects all of us if these spending cutting into effect. i hope to talk to him about a number of other issues, the nation's infrastructure, roads and bridges. he talked about that some in the state of the union. i want to ask him about his immigration policy and some of the plans he has to deal with allowing illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. a variety of topics, education if we have time and a chance to talk with several cabinet secretaries about some of the issues that are affecting the nation and california. so there is a lot to talk about tomorrow. i'll have reports tomorrow and you can follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc7. a big day tomorrow. i look forward to having a chance to speak to th
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